For Prospective Students

To all Prospective Freshmen Applicants for September 2018:

You can apply on-line for admission to The Prout School! Click here to set up your on-line account to apply for admission, to register for the entrance exam, to request transcripts and recommendations or schedule a school visit! Be sure to click the submit button after you complete your application to ensure receipt by The Prout School.

Arrange to spend the day with a Prout student. Click Shadow a Crusader for the Day to register for a visit on-line. You do not have to apply to Prout before arranging for a visit. We are limited to 6 visitors a day; so please make you appointment as soon as possible. Crusader Shadows will begin on October 2, 2017. For details on what a shadow day entails, click here.

Register on-line for the entrance exam. Entrance exam dates are December 2 or December 9, 2017.  The completed exam registration and application are due prior to the student taking the entrance exam. 

Provide two email addresses for recommendations from your current teachers. Please select Math and one additional core subject teacher. Recommendations must be submitted to Prout directly by the teacher/ guidance counselor to ensure confidentiality.

Release records from the school the student is currently attending. Your transcript should come from the guidance office. 

If you need to contact The Prout School, feel free to call (401) 789-9262 x 514 or email Admissions.