The Prout School is a great place to strengthen and stretch your mind, and your body too.

Prout is fortunate to have a full-time dance/yoga teacher, Kathleen Gordon Smith. Ms. Smith teaches Yoga and Mindfulness classes, as well as Dance classes. Dance instruction is modern/contemporary and students learn to perform and to choreograph. Each class accommodates students of all levels of expertise.

There are plenty of opportunities for our dance students to perform what they learn, including the Arts Festival in January and the Spring Dance Performance in May.

Kathleen Gordon Smith has been a certified yoga instructor since 2006 and has had an impressive dance career -- teaching, choreographing and performing throughout New England. Her passion is modern dance. Most recently, Ms. Smith was an adjunct professor at Dean College in Franklin, MA and Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. She was also an assistant professor at Rhode Island College.

In the fall, one of Ms. Smith's most successful students, Christina Robson (see sidebar), came to Prout to teach several special classes in modern dance.

Kathy Smith is one of the most influential teachers I've had throughout the course of my training. There is truly no end to the generosity with which she shares her energy and knowledge with her students. Her rigorous drive in the studio and the persistence with which she works with each individual, speaks to her passion and dedication to the art form and her potential to shape lives as a dance educator.

-- Christina Robson, Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane Company