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The Athletic Hall of Fame honors the rich heritage and traditions of the successful athletic programs at The Prout School.

The Athletic Hall of Fame's 2018 honorees:

  • The 2009 Girls' Volleyball Team
    Head Coach: Dan Greene
    Assistant Coach: Kevin Harrington
     Ashley Bishop   Emily Caswell  
     Georgia Gates  Victoria Kern  Marie LaBossiere
     Stacey Moskwa  Nicole Peacock  Adrian Pendergast
     Kimberly Rameika  Kristen Rameika  Elise Walsh
     Megan Walsh  Kellie Walsh  Paige Williams
  • Coach Ralph Groves
  • Emily Caswell '11
  • Piper Chapman '08
  • Elise Walsh '11

The Athletic Hall of Fame's 2015 (inaugural class) honorees:

  • Coach Tony Bruno
  • Ann Stein DeGaish '81
  • Ann-Marie Harrington '82
  • Matthew Marocco '00
  • Aaron Milne '96
  • Tom Reilly '97
  • Mary Turcotte Sawyer '81
  • Coach Harry Tutko 
  • Coach and Athletic Director Carol Wilson

Prout's Athletic Hall of Fame serves as a means of recognizing, and honoring the athletes, teams, and coaches and athletic administrators who have made significant contributions to The Prout School’s athletic programs.  

Over the years there have been many athletes, teams, coaches and athletic administrators who have been influential in building our “Prout Pride” on the athletic fields, courts, rinks, tracks, and pools. The Prout School Athletic Hall of Fame, held every three years, honors the contributions and accomplishments of these individuals and teams.