Student Activities

The Prout School offers its students a wide variety of valuable extra-curricular activities from which to choose.

The school offers students the opportunity to participate in enriching activities with classmates and faculty advisors: 

Club/Activity Moderator(s)
Anatomy Club Mrs. Paquette
Art Club Mr. Elson
Ceramics Club Mrs. Rich
Chinese-American Club
Mr. Gaffney
French Club Mr. Larson
Freshmen Class Advisors Ms. Carroll/ Mrs. Balcezak
Hiking Club 
Mr. Edmonds
Italian Club Mrs. Trevisiol
John Paul II Club Mr. Faraone 
Junior Class Advisors Mrs. Rich/ Mr. Elson
Kindness Matters Mrs. Humphrey
Legion of Mary Mrs. Rotatori/ Mrs. Bianco
Math League Mrs. Pitkin/ Mr. Poulin
Math Ninjas
Mr. Poulin & math teachers
Mock Trial Ms. Tierney 
Model Legislature
Mr. Sweeney
Music Connect Club Mrs. Liguori
National Honor Society Mrs. Paquette/Mrs. Lawrence
Newspaper Mr. Hartell
Ping Pong Club Mr. Larson
Recycling Club
Mr. Edmonds
Respect Life Club Mrs. Pitkin/ Mrs. Cavanaugh
Robotics Mr. Covell/ Mrs. Abilheira
Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
Mrs. Cavanagh
Sailing Club Mr. Cooper 
Senior Class Advisors Mr. Renzi/ Mr. LaBarbara
Ski Club Mr. Smith
Sophomore Class Advisors Mrs. DeLuca/ Ms. Tierney
Spanish Club Ms. Dougal/ Ms. Perkins
Student Council Mrs. Paquette/ Mrs. McLaughlin
Surf Club
Mr. Covell
Yearbook Ms. Araujo

Prout Celebrates
Earth Week 2018

Wednesday, April 25: Money raised through a variety of activities will be used to purchase a tree, a stone walkway from the gym to the back parking lot, a greenhouse, and a water filling station for reusable bottle:
  • Donate a dollar and wear a green shirt in honor of Earth Day. The rest of your uniform should remain the same! Teachers are encouraged to wear green, too. 
  • At lunch, students will be selling notebooks and pottery. 
  • A picture trivia contest featuring famous activists will be held in the North and South Commons, with prizes for the top-scoring student and faculty member.

Thursday, April 26: "Lights Off Day" to promote energy conservation.

Friday, April 27: Prout students plant a tree during G period!