Alumni Field Challenge

We challenge our fellow Prout alumni to join forces and get us across the proverbial fundraising finish line so we can build a new lighted, artificial turf field on the campus of Prout. The Meghan C. Cooney Field will accommodate soccer and lacrosse and will be built in the front of the school, just past the parking area.Rendering of New Field

A second field on the campus of The Prout School has been a long time coming. And we're going to make it happen. The field is designed, the permits secured, the trees cleared and the contractor is ready to go. 

Ultimately, the field and all its bells and whistles will cost $2.3 million. Phase 1, which includes many of the bells and whistles, costs $1.7 million. We've been blessed with gifts and pledges totaling $1.0 million to date. Once we raise an additional $400,000, we can put a shovel in the ground and have Phase 1 complete in just 11 weeks. 

That's where we come in, we want to put a good "dent" in that $400,000 by raising at least $260,000 from our more than 4,000 fellow Prout alumni. That's an average of $5,000 per alumni class. We can do it! 

Thank you!

Thank you to these Prout alumni who have taken on the job of Class Captain during this campaign:

Brooke Tallman Brouillette ‘88
Jaime Przekop Vorenkamp ‘96                                 
Julie Brittain ’97
Tom Reilly ‘97                                                   
Kate Fleming Hauser ‘01                               
Ted Serra ‘02     
Meghan Murray ‘02                                                                                       
Sean McGuire ‘04                                                                           
Victoria Antonelli ‘08                     
Brad Horsfield ‘09
Matt McCormack ‘09     
Sandra Winter ‘10
David Horsfield ‘10
Brian Gilman ’10
Ashley Bishop ‘10
Chris Sanacore ‘11
Brittany Ricci ‘11                             
Andrew Horsfield ‘12                                                                                   
Maddie Hagerty ‘14       
Kate McCormack ’15                                                                                             
Caroline Hagerty ’18
Kristen Need                               

Want to join this awesome group of humans? Click here for the "job description" of this important volunteer position.