Drew Brouillette

My name is Drew Brouillette and I am a junior here at Prout. I went to Monsignor Clarke for my middle school years and had loved it there, but the thought of moving to high school brought on a plethora of nerves, anxieties, and fears. I didn't want to leave my small class of 46 kids and be part of something so large and scary. But what I didn’t think about were the positives that could come out of the situation.

One thing that you will hear over, and over, and over, again while you are at Prout, is to get involved. Getting involved in anything whether it be a club, sport, theatre production, or a study group is the best way to meet people. My freshman year I played hockey and lacrosse, and although this was great and I met a lot of people, I found myself wanting more. I flirted with the idea of joining clubs and possibly even doing theatre, and shortly after I did it. My sophomore year I participated in my first ever theatre production and was amazed at how quickly I was welcomed into that community. I quickly realized that I was making connections and friends in almost every aspect of my daily life. Encouraged by staff and coaches, I began to take on school and non-school related leadership roles, which have given me incredible opportunities.

Fast forward to today, I am now a three-sport athlete, president of my class, assistant captain of the hockey team, and much more. I will leave you with a quote that has stuck with me since my first year here at Prout in my Western Civilizations class. “Do what you can, with all you have, wherever you are.” And I believe that at Prout you can do anything you want, because we have all the materials you need to succeed in every aspect of your life.