My name is Mike Slusarczyk and I’m the student body president here at the Prout School. The first thing I have to tell you about my experience at Prout, is that it is so easy to get involved.

In addition to being Student Council President, I’m a leader in our school’s Youth Force Club, a member of the varsity baseball team, a senior Peer Minister, and an active volunteer for many different community service opportunities. Yes, I sometimes have a lot on my plate, but what makes it worth it is I get to work with so many great people. Getting involved really helps you make the best out of your experience because you get to meet new people in other classes that have all sorts of different interests. An advantage of attending a small school like Prout is that you get to make great friendships with people in other classes. One of my best buddies in school is a junior.

Academically, Prout couldn’t have prepared me better. I started off in the full honors curriculum and gradually made my way into AP and IB classes as my Junior and Senior years approached. The challenge and rigor that I endured in Prout academics has developed me into an extremely hard worker and has made me become one that always wants to get the job done right. Amidst the challenge and the rigor, Prout teachers have always been there when I needed help or I didn’t quite understand something. The teachers here love what they do and always put the student first when one needs help.  Being a candidate for the IB Diploma I am extremely challenged by the amount of work that the Diploma requires. I can attest to the fact that the workload is heavy, and it’s long haul to take part in this program, but it’s incredibly worth it as it prepares you for the rigor of college and strengthens your hard work and determination. 

Being able to receive a Catholic education is a great privilege. Being a person of great Faith, it means a lot to me to see the school come together to celebrate the Holy Mass once a month. Amidst the stresses of school, it’s very comforting to be in the Holy Presence of God.

As a Prout athlete for all four years, I’ve learned that the Crusaders know how to fight hard. Here at Prout, it takes grit, hard work, and great strength to be an athlete. Being at a small school, you have a chance to try new sports and work hard to become a great athlete. Because when the stakes are the highest, when the game is tied with very little time to go, Crusaders will fight to earn that win because they value fighting to the very end.

Although this part may seem irrelevant to you now, one thing I’d like to note is the absolutely spectacular college and career counseling center this school has. Ms. Hoyt, our main college counselor assists you and is behind you every step of the way in the college process. The college center helped me find what I wanted to study, and where I wanted to go. Ms. Hoyt’s method of applying to college is completely unbeatable. I could not be prouder to say that next year I will be attending the University of Notre Dame. The college center eased my stresses and worries about the college process throughout the very long journey to make my dream come true. I came into this school 50% Polish and 50% Italian, but I couldn’t be happier to be leaving this school 100% Fighting Irish.

I feel I’m a living example in the way that with hard work, determination, and good moral conduct, the Prout School will be behind you in every part of your journey. With these things and the great assistance of teachers and counselors, Prout students can go anywhere they put their mind and heart into. Prout is going to be your foundation for achieving greatness.