Fall 2021 Athletics

The girls soccer team traveled to North Providence last night and won 2-1.
The boys soccer team played well but ended up losing 2-1 due to a penalty kick in the last 5 minutes.
JV tennis lost 5-0 to Cranston West.

Upcoming Athletic Events

Monday, September 20:

Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country at CCMS at 4:00pm

Girls’ Varsity Tennis at Portsmouth at 4:00pm

Girls’ Varsity Soccer at Prout at 4:30pm

Tuesday, September 21:

Boys’ Varsity Soccer at Cranston Stadium at 4:00pm

Boys’ JV Soccer at Cranston Stadium at 5:30pm

Girls’ JV Volleyball at Prout at 4:45pm

Girls’ Varsity Volleyball at Prout at 6:30pm

Wednesday, September 22:

Girls’ JV Soccer at Ponagansett at 5:00pm

Girls’ Varsity Soccer at Ponagansett at 6:30pm

Thursday, September 23:

Boys’ Varsity Soccer at Prout at 4:15 pm

Boys’ JV Soccer at Prout at 5:45 pm

Girls’ JV Volleyball at 4:45pm

Girls’ Varsity JV Volleyball at 6:30pm