Visual Arts

The scope and sequence of visual arts education includes aesthetics, art criticism and the production of works of art. 

The visual arts empowers today’s student to think independently, abstractly and creatively. Through the arts, students learn how to employ their unique gifts to become thoughtful members of society in a social and spiritual context within God's community. The visual arts provide the student an opportunity to decipher a visual problem from more than one point of view.  Creating an environment which is purposeful within the studio setting builds confidence within the student.  Analyzing their own work and their peers builds the student’s critical thinking skills.  Students will develop an appreciation for the visual arts and its relevance within our everyday lives.  

Mike Elson is Chair of the Visual & Performing Arts Department. Kristen Rich teaches art and ceramics. 

Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations to the our art students who were recognized at the 2024 Anchor Awards presented by the Rhode Island Art Education Association.