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Athletics at Prout

The goal of athletics at The Prout School is to lead young men and women to the realization that true growth and fulfillment are achieved in the struggle for success.

At Prout, 61% of our students participate in interscholastic athletics, and many of our students are multi-sport athletes. 

The development of self-discipline and dedication, both mental and physical, and the ideal of serving others, especially one’s teammates, are the themes emphasized in the growth to maturity. It is The Prout School’s belief that athletic competition is both a tremendous source of enjoyment and recreation, as well as an excellent way to reach young people and help them prosper.

Crusader Athletic Program Philosophy

The interscholastic athletic program at The Prout School is an accepted and integral part of the curriculum which produces many benefits difficult to achieve in other areas of education. Students on interscholastic teams can often achieve greater measures of physical fitness, motor skills, and the development of sound social, emotional, and mental attitudes. 

The Athletic Department will strive to develop good sportsmanship, team play, a competitive spirit, and team and school loyalty in every athlete. Program participants will be expected to display the proper ideals of ethical conduct and fair play, and to show respect to officials, opposing teams, and fellow players. Also, the athletic program will strive to encourage a winning attitude while not losing sight of other related ideals. 

The athletic program will provide instruction and encourage maximum participation in a wide variety of activities that should satisfy most of the needs and interests of the students. The health and welfare of the participants shall be the primary consideration in conducting the athletic program.