About The Prout School

Some schools have STEM, others have STEAM, The Prout School has HEART:

H - Humanities

Our humanities program encompasses a holistic approach to the study of American and British literature, the classics, grammar and composition, international languages, history and civics, as well as global studies. By examining the collective wisdom of the past in light of current events, students are prepared to be active participants in and shapers of future cultural and societal discourse.

E - Engineering and Mathematics

By combining skills in engineering and mathematics, Prout students are prepared to apply their conceptual knowledge of mathematics to practical outcomes. In an increasingly competitive workforce, Prout students are prepared to distinguish themselves in college and beyond through hands-on educational experiences that equip them to become the innovators of the future.

A - Arts and Athletics

Prout forms the whole person. Creativity, artistic expression, physical education and bodily development are all bedrocks of our arts and athletics programs. Through dance, music, pottery, theatre and visual arts, students are encouraged to explore and develop their creativity by participation in our respected programs. Through an array of opportunities for participation in athletics—from lacrosse to sailing to soccer and everything in between—Prout Crusaders are challenged to grow in both physical excellence and character development.

R - Religion and Service

Prout’s Catholic identity informs everything we do as an educational community. Inspired by the example of our patroness, Mother Mary Joseph Prout, we seek to instill the core values of faith, solidarity and service. Daily prayer, school-wide Masses, opportunities for Reconciliation and RCIA, required theology courses and abundant opportunities for Christian service are not extrinsic to our mission, but ground us as a school community and provide us with a clear direction.

T- Technology and Science

In an increasingly complex technological landscape and as scientific knowledge continues to advance in leaps and bounds, Prout students are encouraged to harness the momentum for the benefit of society and human progress. Formation in the sciences—natural science, biology, chemistry and physics—as well as exposure to current technology is essential to a Prout education.

What is HEART?

HEART is not a new curriculum, but a framework. It is intended to serve as a reference for faculty, parents and students, aiding in the development of and commitment to academic excellence in relationship to our mission.

How does HEART relate to the International Baccalaureate Program?

Inspired by the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile, HEART encompasses all of the learning outcomes and core subject groups included in the IB Diploma Program. As the only IB school in Rhode Island, Prout provides a unique educational opportunity for students of all backgrounds and capacities. HEART presumes and incorporates the best of the IB program for all students, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in the Diploma Program.

How is HEART different from other educational models like STEM or STEAM?

Prout has heart, not just academic ambition. Educational models like STEM or STEAM neglect or overlook values and goals that we consider intrinsic to our mission as a Catholic institution concerned with the formation of the whole person. We don’t seek to create technically proficient members of a future workforce alone, but young adults with a sense of their transcendent purpose, their obligations to others, and of the need for ongoing character formation.