The New Field

Prout's athletic program has grown exponentially since the first all-girls class graduated in 1969. A limited offering of women's club activities has burgeoned into a serious athletic program, including club sports like crew and sailing and 23 Division I, II, and III Rhode Island Interscholastic League (RIIL) teams. Check out the amazing fly over video of our newest athletic facility here.   

An incredible 62% of Prout students participate in at least one sport. 

Athletic Facilities Worthy of the Athletic Program

Prout's smaller school size allows athletes to gain more experience on the field, move to varsity faster, and even try new sports for the first time. That, combined with a dedicated coaching staff, has resulted in a long list of all-state athletes and many division and state championships. Prout's success in sports like tennis and swimming in particular has created a "destination school" for serious athletes who are interested in playing and improving, rather than gracing the bench. 

An Asset for the Entire Community

When the new field is not being utilized by Prout students, it is available for rental by youth soccer and lacrosse associations from Rhode Island.