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SCHOOL NURSE (6-3-2021)

  • Current RN licensure in State of Rhode Island in good standing. Maintain CEU’s for professional/personal development and licensure. Annual Concussion Training/TBI and Universal Precautions. First Aid training and CPR certification.
  • Follow guidelines and standards of care per RIDOH Regulations for School Health Programs
  • 216-RICR-20-10-4 to include but not limited to: medications, health exams, injury reports, illness, immunizations, required documentation and allergies. Acquire, maintain, transfer and secure student health records.
  • Collaborate with South Kingstown Certified School Nurse Teacher for annual Standing Orders and First Aid procedures using universal precautions to render care. Follow up on immunization compliance, health record tracking and mandatory Grade 9 dental and vision screenings.
  • Possess strong assessment and communication skills, notify families with deviations. Identify emergency situations and contact 911 when appropriate.
  • Obtain signed physician orders for prescription and over-the-counter medication and document administration.
  • International students: work with coordinator for acquiring eligible documents, physical exams and immunizations. Schedule Quantiferon TB Gold test with local laboratory when stateside and obtain purchase order.
  • Schedule and advertise vaccination and annual flu clinics, mandatory health screenings and blood drives.
  • Communicate health related information via announcements, Google surveys and emails to school community.
  • Accommodate care, safety and environment per RIDOH and CDC pandemic protocols.
  • Develop and support relationships with faculty and staff. Attend and contribute to interdisciplinary team and staff meetings.
  • Magnus Electronic Health Record: Communicate program with families, review and approve parent entries, document upload of physical exams, current immunizations and medications. Document all student visits and medication administered. IT manager responsible for roster template transfers.
  • Identify students with life threatening allergies and develop list with parental consent.
  • Train substitute staff for coverage of Nurses Office.
  • Office management including inventory, obtain purchase orders before order/purchase supplies.
  • Use of IT to include school data base, Magnus, Excel.
  • Prepare and distribute PPE bags to staff for annual Universal Precautions training.
  • Complete DLT reports for reports injured or ill employees after assessment and report to Human Resources.
  • Management of AED’s/EpiPens/Narcan: Maintain list to include location, expiration dates, length of warranty. Copy to safety director. Periodic AED unit visual checks and annual manual checks. Obtain purchase order to obtain supplies. 

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